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Breads and Desserts, Cuppylicious!

Empanada Dough III

Butter and shortening in this basic pastry dough. […]

Cuppylicious!, Ethnic Foods, Mexican

Empanada Dough II

Empanada dough for a flaky pastry shell. […]

Cuppylicious!, Ethnic Foods, Mexican

Empanada Dough I

Pastry dough for sweet or savory empanadas, hot pockets or pastries. […]

Beef, Ethnic Foods, Meat, Mexican

Empanadas II

A more traditional and authentic savory beef empanada recipe from my mother-in-law. […]

Beef, Cuppylicious!, Ethnic Foods, Meat, Mexican, Pork

Empanadas I

Hearty empanadas, these ones are not traditional by any means. […]

Cuppylicious!, Meat, Poultry


Spicy meat, vegetables and potatoes with empanada dough make a nice little homemade hot pocket. […]

Beef, Breads and Desserts, Cuppylicious!, Meat

Cheesesteak Sandwich Pocket

Beef, cheese and jalapeno pockets. […]

Beef, Cuppylicious!, Meat

Beef Pot Pie

Beef and vegies baked together as a pie. It’s that easy. […]

Beef, Breakfast, Cuppylicious!, Meat, Pork

Dinner Quiche

My first attempt at quiche. Use at your own risk, it has hamburger, onions, ricotta and cream cheese. […]