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Bread Loaves, Breads and Desserts, Breakfast, Cookies, Cuppylicious!

Citrus Ginger Biscotti

Pick your favorite zest for these slightly spicy but very sweet and tasty hard cookies. […]

Beef, Cuppylicious!, Meat, Sauces and Dips

Braised Bolognese Sauce (or Casserole)

Sweet, salty and flavorful minced meat sauce or casserole (just add vegetables). […]

Cuppylicious!, Ethnic Foods, Meat, Pork, Thai, The Daring Cooks' Challenge

Pork Satay III

Just like Pork Satay II, except includes minced ginger root, minced dragon chili and fish sauce. […]

Cuppylicious!, Meat, Pork

Apple Porkchops II

Fall smells and flavors in a pork chop; the fresher the food, the better the scent and taste. […]

Cuppylicious!, Ethnic Foods, Indian, Sauces and Dips

Plum-Ginger Chutney

Fresh fruit and some spice, no cooking. […]

Cuppylicious!, Ethnic Foods, Meat, Pasta & Rice, Sauces and Dips

Sweet & Spicy Stir Fry

Citrus, soy and spice are everything nice. This is nice as a standalone grilling sauce or in a stir fry. […]

Cuppylicious!, Sauces and Dips

Sweet and Spicy Lime Marinade

Use it as a base for your own marinade or use it as is and call it “margarita chicken”. A very basic marinade. […]

Cuppylicious!, Ethnic Foods, Indian, Side Dishes

Spicy Green Peas with Onion and Ginger

Flavorful and/or hot and spicy sauteed peas and onions can turn an otherwise flavorless and boring meal into something intense. […]

Cuppylicious!, Ethnic Foods, Indian, Sauces and Dips


Fresh tasting, cool, sweet and spicy yogurt dip. […]

Cuppylicious!, Ethnic Foods, Indian, Sauces and Dips

Taste of India Rub or Marinade

All the flavors of Indian food without all the extra hard work. Great on chicken, but can be used on tofu or pork as well. […]