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Bread Loaves, Breads and Desserts, Breakfast, Cuppylicious!

Cinnamon Brioche

Sweet, buttery cinnamon bread, great for breakfast or dessert. […]

Bread Loaves, Breads and Desserts, Breakfast, Cupcakes & Muffins, Cuppylicious!

Stacie’s Amish Friendship Bread

Friendship Bread and blueberry muffins

Total time: 30-60 minutes, plus 7-10 days.

Friendship bread is that chain-letter-bread that you divide with your neighbors and continue to reap the benefits from over and over again. The concept is to take your starter, triple it, then share it with 2 people. You bake with your […]

Breads and Desserts, Candy, Cuppylicious!

Coconut Candy

Chocolate covered coconut candies.

Total time: 1 hour 15 minutes, plus chill time.

Sometimes you feel like a nut…

2/3 c sweetened condensed milk (little less than 1/2 of a 14 ounce can) 1 tsp vanilla 2 c powdered sugar 2 c shredded or flaked coconut 1 bag of your choice of meltable […]

Cuppylicious!, Meat, Sauces and Dips, Seafood, Side Dishes, Soup and Salad

Salmon Feta Salad

Spinach, salmon, feta, nuts and grapes with a spicy orange cilantro dressing.

Total time: 10 minutes.

Serves 2.

Salad: 1 bunch spinach or 1 package of baby spinach 1 cup smoked salmon, deboned and separated 1 cup red grapes 1 cup feta cheese 1/2 c pecan pieces 1/2 c pine nuts

Dressing: 3 […]

Breads and Desserts, Cookies, Cuppylicious!

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies with pecans and coconut.

Total time: Approximately 45 minutes.

1/2 c butter (1 stick), softened 1/4 c sugar 3/4 c brown sugar 1/4 c cocoa powder 1/4 c chocolate chips 1 tsp shortening 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla 1 1/2 c flour 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp baking soda […]

Breads and Desserts, Cookies, Cuppylicious!

Pecan Oatmeal Cookies

Pecan Oatmeal Cookies

Total time: 1 hour.

Also known as “Vermont Maple Cookies”, these are eggless cookies!

1/2 c butter (1 stick) 1 cup brown sugar 1/4 c maple syrup 1 T hazelnut syrup

1 tsp baking soda 1/4 c boiling water

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1.5 c old-fashioned rolled oats 1/2 c […]

Breads and Desserts, Breakfast, Cupcakes & Muffins, Cuppylicious!

Apple Ginger Muffcakes

Apple Ginger Muffcakes

Total time: 40 minutes.

Original by Tried & Tasted’s Paper Chef September: Apple Ginger Cupcakes

Two apples, diced 1 stick of butter 3 inches fresh ginger root, minced 1 T cinnamon

1 1/2 c flour 1/4 c vegetable oil 1/4 c plain yogurt 1/4 c milk 1 eggs 3/4 c […]

Breads and Desserts, Cookies, Cuppylicious!

Chocolate Pecan Biscotti

Chocolate Pecan Biscotti

Total time: 1 hour.

2 1/2 cups all purpose flour 1 cup sugar 1 cup pecans 2 eggs 1 stick butter, softened 1/4 cup baking cocoa 1/2 cup chocolate chips, melted 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp vanilla 1/2 tsp salt

Preheat oven to 350.

Set aside your melted chocolate […]

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Apple Ginger Pierogi

Sweet and spicy apple pierogi. […]

Cuppylicious!, Meat, Pasta & Rice, Poultry, Side Dishes, The Daring Cooks' Challenge

Cardamom Chicken Pierogi

Cardamom and chicken in a dumpling. […]