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Garlic Oil

Use the whole thing!!

Use all the cloves!!

Total time:  1 hour

Staple for Thai soup.

I use this in a lot of marinades and recipes.

One full head of garlic
2-3 cups of vegetable oil

Separate, peel and snip the ends of all the garlic cloves. Mash them up in your sturdy mortar and pestle or finely chop them in your food processor – both methods work. If you have time, there’s something to be said about the gratification in beating garlic in a mortar.

Caution! Turn on your overhead fan if you have one, or open the windows before you begin!

Fry in oil until golden brown (depending on how big your pile of garlic mash is, this could be one or two cups of oil!).

Pour garlic oil and remaining oil in a glass container for storage. Let cool completely before closing the lid. Keep up to 2 months. I keep mine in the cupboard next to my peanut oil and fish sauce.

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