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About Cuppylicious

I’m Cuppy, and I think these recipes are cuppylicious.

Click on the Category Cuppylicious to see the list of recipes that I have personally made, eaten, and enjoyed.  I’m constantly fine-tuning my recipes, so they’re subject to change!  Use your judgment with the measurements, too, as I’m prone to approximating…

I am a mom, wife, aunt, daughter, and sister. I enjoy cooking for any number of people, and I like it when my husband chops my vegetables.

The soup in the Cuppylicious logo is my first ever attempt at Chicken Tortilla Soup. I researched for nearly a week to find the perfect blend of flavors in an attempt to imitate my comfort food experience at Las Palmitas in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It’s not Manuel’s, but it sure is tasty, and it’ll have to do until my next trip to Idaho.

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I began cooking at a really young age...

I began cooking at a really young age... and I'm standing on a stool.