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Basic Carrot Cake

Basic carrot cake made with oil and and all purpose flour. […]

Beef, Cuppylicious!, Ethnic Foods, Meat, Seafood, Side Dishes, The Daring Cooks' Challenge

Papas Rellenas (de pescado)

Mashed potatoes stuffed with meat and spices and deep fried to golden perfection. […]

Breakfast, Cuppylicious!, The Daring Cooks' Challenge

Eggs Benedict

Ham, egg and toast topped with a buttery egg sauce. […]

Breakfast, Cuppylicious!, Sauces and Dips, The Daring Cooks' Challenge

Hollandaise Sauce

Buttery egg sauce for Eggs Benedict and steamed vegetables or as the base for Sauce Béarnaise and other buttery sauces. […]

Breakfast, Cuppylicious!, Ethnic Foods, Side Dishes, The Daring Cooks' Challenge

Chinese Tea Eggs

Mostly a how-to on making a tie-dyed egg using tea and spices. […]

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Pumpkin Muffcakes

Single serving pumpkin bread cleverly disguised as muffins/cupcakes – muffcakes. […]

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Not Dad’s Pumpkin Bread

Dad’s pumpkin bread, made single-loaf style with slightly less sugar and fresh pumpkin puree. […]

Bread Loaves, Breads and Desserts, Breakfast, Cuppylicious!

Cinnamon Brioche

Sweet, buttery cinnamon bread, great for breakfast or dessert. […]

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Moo Shu Pork

Moo Shu Pork with "pancake" and hoisin paintbrush (scallion)

The October Daring Cooks’ Challenge was hosted by Shelley of C Mom Cook and her sister Ruth of The Crafts of Mommyhood. They challenged us to bring a taste of the East into our home kitchens by making our own Moo Shu, including thin […]

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Golden Chicken Broth/Consommé

Wonton Soup en Consommé

Total time: 7-10 hours.

Peta, of the blog Peta Eats, was our lovely hostess for the Daring Cooks’ September 2011 challenge, “Stock to Soup to Consommé”. We were taught the meaning between the three dishes, how to make a crystal clear Consommé if we so chose to do so, […]